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    On June 22, 2022, the large-scale expedition of Fyodor Konyukhov “from the White Sea to the Black Sea” with the LADA brand support has ended. The LADA NIVA Legend and NIVA Travel cars helped enter two new world records in the list of the Fyodor Konyukhov’s incredible achievements: the group of pilots and travelers crossed the country by motorized paragliders and the NIVA provided the support from the ground.The expedition started on June 5, and already in three days after the unprecedented project start, the traveler Fyodor Konyukhov and the Master of Sports Igor Potapkin covered on motorized paragliders a distance of 631, 2 km in 7 hours and 52 minutes, which allowed them to break the being in force since 2018 record of the Polish pilot Krzysztof Romicki (427 km) with a large margin – by significant 204.2km! The crew has successfully crossed the Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Vladimir regions and landed in urban-type village of Miloslavskoye in the Ryazan region. The flight was at an altitude of up to 1 km. But the team did not stop at the results achieved and continued the expedition, having set an even more ambitious goal – to break its own record.On June 17, the crew of travelers took off from Usman’ airport in the Lipetsk region and landed already in the village of Baklazan in the Chechen Republic. Fyodor Konyukhov and Igor Potapkin overcame the distance of 1039.7 km, staying in the air 13 hours 17 minutes. Grueling chase of the new achievement ended with success. The professional skills of the pilots allowed them to set a second absolute world record in nonstop flight on motorized paraglider, despite the adverse meteorological conditions, thunderstorms and tornadoes, accompanying the flight.The staff of the ground support was in difficult conditions as well. In pursuit of the second absolute world record, the escorting group had to travel 1375 km from the Lipetsk region to Gudermes of the Chechen Republic, being at the wheel of the LADA NIVA 22 hours, often out of the public roads.On June 22, the pilots ended the transcontinental expedition “from the White Sea to the Black Sea”. In 18 days, the team of record-holders has overcome more than 3000 km by air. And the ground staff had to drive the distance almost twice as much – 7000 km. The LADA NIVA SUVs were responsible for transporting the mobile weather station, travelers’ equipage, as well as satellite and radio equipment.Oskar Konyukhov, the Head of the Expeditionary headquarter: “Our team is impressed with the endurance of the NIVA Travel and NIVA Legend cars at all stages of the expedition project. We have great experience in escorting aircraft as part of record attempts, and we have what to compare with. Starting with the driving from Moscow to the start place in Arkhangelsk, as well as during the whole flight from Arkhangels toGudermes and returning to Moscow. We have driven in total a little more than 7000 km in a couple of weeks. Motorized paragliders fly straight ahead and land in the fields, at outlying unprepared airdromes, so the task of the accompanying team is to reach the landing place as soon as possible. Given that the pilots were flying at a fairly high speed (70-90 km/h), the ground team at the wheel of the LADA NIVA had to drive on the off-road, keeping up with aircraft. The team is excited about the behavior of cars both in the difficult off-road conditions and on the M8 and M4 highways. We are glad that two legends have become one team!”

    AVTOVAZ held the Conference of suppliers

    AVTOVAZ held the Conference of suppliers

    On June 23, at AVTOVAZ in Togliatti was held the “Conference of auto industry suppliers”, which was organized with the support of the Russian Engineering Union and Automotive Industry Cluster. The event was aimed at developing mechanisms for implementing objectives set by the President of Russia on June 16 at the meeting devoted to the auto industry.The Conference of AVTOVAZ’s suppliers, as well as the Committee meeting on the development of cooperation and production localization in the auto industry of the Russian Engineering Union were held during the working day.The Conference of AVTOVAZ’s suppliers was attended by the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Albert Karimov, Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region Vladimir Razumkov, AVTOVAZ President Maksim Sokolov, as well as managers and representatives of enterprises-suppliers from Russia and friendly countries.The Conference was the first large-scale event over several years and the communication platform for AVTOVAZ and automotive component suppliers. In the new conditions of sanctions challenges, the Company is set for substantive work on substitution of imported auto components, localization deepening and cooperation with the domestic partners, as well as the development of technical, science and production cooperation with them. AVTOVAZ welcomes the effective measures promptly taken by the Federal authorities and relevant ministry regarding the support of component industry and technologies development.AVTOVAZ President Maksim Sokolov provided the participants of the Conference with the strategy and priorities of the Company’s operation in the current conditions. He particularly mentioned that “…only open and direct dialogue with the suppliers will allow the industry to survive and develop. It is vital for our company to ensure continuity of operation and personnel employment. AVTOVAZ has successfully restarted production of the LADA Granta and NIVA Legend, NIVA Travel and other models. The key challenge in these conditions is to hold and keep the professional team and jointly work on the development of the LADA model range. In this term, we are going to rely on new domestic platforms, local and localized solutions and components. Our priority is the technological sovereignty of the crucial technologies and components, which we can reach only by co-working with partners-suppliers and with the state support”.The conference was continued with the speeches of AVTOVAZ’s profile managers regarding the company’s activities. These are engineering, purchasing, logistics, quality, etc. Top-managers of the Company said about transformations and the perspectives of interaction on separate vectors of cooperation and partnership.The “Conference of auto industry suppliers” was closed with the meeting of the Committee on the development of cooperation and production localization in the auto industry of the Russian engineering Union, whereas the current problems of auto component industry development and the perspectives of achieving the technological sovereignty of crucial units, parts and technologies were discussed.



    LADA announces the sales start of the most affordable car on the Russian market – the Granta Classic of 2022 model year. The price of this trim level is 103 000 rubles less than the price of the previous model year Granta Classic. Price list for the Granta Classic’22 starts from 658 300 rubles (including the benefit in the amount of 20K rubles under the Trade-In scheme when using the LADA FINANCE credit program).The LADA Granta Classic’22 trim level features electric power steering, power front windows, heated and power folding rear-view mirrors, ISOFIX child seats mounts, daytime running lights, on-board computer, central locking, multimedia ready with 4 speakers, 14-inch steel wheels with decorative covers.LADA Granta Classic’22 distinguishes by the list of elements previously available only for top trim levels – these are the door moldings, handles and mirror housings painted in body color.In addition to the sedan, the liftback and station wagon of the LADA Granta family are offered in the Classic’22 trim level. The customers of the Granta may order the 15-inch alloy wheels as an option.LADA Granta Classic’22 is equipped with 1.6-liter 90 hp engine adapted for AI-92 gasoline, and 5-speed manual transmission. This is the optimal powertrain suitable for different operating modes and at the same time fuel efficient: its fuel consumption in the mixed style is 6.5l/100 km.Acting EVP for Sales and Marketing of “AVTOVAZ” JSC Vitaly Osipov: “LADA Granta Classic’22 is the most affordable passenger car on the Russian market, which optimally combines the price and equipment. The LADA Granta is a wide choice of colors and body types, a 3-year factory warranty, and an affordable service and spare parts. In the current market state this allows the Granta to be a unique offer both among new passenger vehicles and a competitor of used cars”.