Беззаботная зима с LADA
Беззаботная зима с LADA
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Granta sedan

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    As of November 20, 2023, LADA Granta’s total sales have overcome 1.5-millionth mark. “The jubilee” car of the LADA Granta family was sold in Togliatti under the “Buy in Togliatti” program. It was the white sedan in the Standard trim level.Exceeding the 1.5 millionth mark, the LADA Granta has become one of the most popular LADA families and outstripped LADA Priora and LADA Kalina models with the legendary VAZ-2109 in terms of sales.LADA Granta has been sold on the Russian market for 12 years, starting from December 2011. The model entered the rating of best-selling models in 2012 and from then on has been occupying the 1st or 2nd places. The LADA Granta has become the №1 model on the market 6 times following the sales results in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019, 2020, 2022. In 2023 it is expected to take high rating position as well.The LADA Granta project started as “people’s car”, and today this model has been the most affordable in Russia. The Granta family was expanded by top-equipped versions, as well as pickups and vans, Sports modifications, training vehicles, bi-fuel cars. The LADA Granta’s generation was changed in 2018. The base 8-valve engine was upgraded in 2020, it has got improved thrust characteristics and power was increased up to 90 hp.The LADA Granta family cars have characteristics enabling to solve various tasks. Energy-intensive suspension and 180 mm ground clearance ensure the confident and comfortable driving on different-quality roads, and torquey and fuel-efficient engine adapted to 92 RON increases the car’s reliability. Roomy five-seat cabin and trunk make the LADA Granta a comfortable car for travelling and everyday trips.



    The LADA Vesta NG has become the 10-millionth car connected to the state information system “ERA-GLONASS”. Eight years ago, it was the Vesta car that was the first mass-produced vehicle in Russia connected to emergency services in the basis trim level. Since 2017, the SOS button connected to the “ERA-GLONASS” has been the mandatory part of new and imported cars meeting the safety standards.“ERA-GLONASS” saves thousands of driver and passenger lives annually. The number of transmitted emergency calls is approaching 350K. Rescuers get exact coordinates of a car on average in 19 seconds thanks to the integration with all rescue services “112” in automated mode in case of severe accidents or by pressing SOS button. “ERA-GLONASS” enables with a maximum efficiency to follow the most important in the emergency medicine “golden hour” rule: aid provided within an hour after an accident increases the opportunity to save injured people fivefold and minimizes the risk of dangerous complications development by injuries.“The opportunity to use the advanced Russian system “ERA-GLONASS” was laid off already when designing the LADA Vesta, and today all our cars are equipped with this necessary tool providing safety to a driver and passengers. This unique system enabling promptly transmit important information to emergency services in automated mode has already saved a lot of lives. This is our joint contribution to the “safe and high-quality roads” international project, emphasized AVTOVAZ President Maksim Sokolov.CEO of GLONASS JSC Alexei Raikevich mentioned that automated activation through ERA-GLONASS when injured ones couldn’t call savers themselves has happened in 80% of accident calls. More than half of messages the system got from territories more than 30 km away from large settlements, which increases the value of every minute to accelerate emergency services response. In 9 of 10 cases, the calls were not doubled from other sources – by mobile phones of witnesses, which once again proves the effectiveness of the “ERA-GLONASS” in practice.“The fact that LADA Vesta is the first and simultaneously the 10-millionth car with “ERA-GLONASS” shows the manufacturer’s commitment to safety of millions of car owners. The system also becomes a mutual assistance tool in motorist’s hands. Around 5% of calls are not related to accidents today. Car owners press the SOS button if they have seen that the driver in the passing car got bad or they report on forest fires or buildings ignition. We are working on additional services creation based on the “ERA-GLONASS” system, which can interest the major Russian car manufacturer. Pressing one button is the simplest way not only to transmit emergency call, but also to get technical assistance on the way, and in perspective – information services of remote control and diagnostic of the car”, summed up Raikevich. Reduction of mortality accidents is one of the country’s priorities determined by Russian President Putin. Rescue stories confirm that vehicles connection to the “ERA-GLONASS” system has become the effective digital tool of road safety increasing. Late last October the state information system has saved lives of injured in severe accident in Sochi. LADA Vesta with a driver and two passengers fell of the cliff of more than 50 m height. The regional search and rescue unit of Russian Emergency Ministry noted that exact coordinates of the car transmitted by the “ERA-GLONASS” system were of crucial importance as the car was out of sight. The injured were lifted with the help of climbing equipment.