April 5, 2023
As of March 2023, official LADA dealerships in Russia sold 23 335 commercial vehicles and passenger cars, that is 89.9% more than in March 2022. In Q1 this year sales of LADA brand models totaled 64 240 cars, which is 21.9% more than in the first three months a year ago.

LADA Granta sales in March reached 16 254 units, which is equal to the figures of February 2023 and 373.5% higher compared to sales in March 2022, when the Company suffered from foreign components supply rapture. NIVA Legend sales reached 2 703 SUVs in March (+212,1% vs March 2022) and the NIVA Travel SUVs were sold in the amount of 3 721 cars, which is 83.1% higher than the results of March last year.

AVTOVAZ President Maksim Sokolov: “Q1 2023 showed positive results, which have become possible due to efforts of the whole our team. 3 months of LADA sales make us moderate optimistic about the Russian market recovery. AVTOVAZ does its best to maintain smooth production and regular component deliveries. In Q2 this year AVTOVAZ is going to start LADA Vesta NG sales, as well as launch the new LADA manufacturing site in Saint Petersburg. Amid the aggravating sanctions pressure AVTOVAZ confirms its production plan of more than 400K this year”.
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