March 15, 2023
LADA announces start of own scrappage program. The program terms are valid when given a car operated for a long time to offset the cost of a new LADA Granta family car. At the same time, the benefit when buying a new LADA Granta of 2023 manufacturing year makes 70K rubles, when buying a LADA Granta 2022 – 80K rubles.

One of the LADA scrappage program terms is that the car given to a dealer should be at least 8 years old and owned no less than 1 year. At the same time, the car should have main constructive elements ensuring driving (body, chassis, control units, etc.). The car given will further be sent for disposal to authorized bodies.

Profitable terms in Trade-in and proprietary LADA FINANCE program are still available for LADA Granta customers.

By exchanging his used car to a new LADA Granta in Trade-in, the customer gets a discount of 40K rubles (to purchase the LADA Granta of 2023 manufacturing year) or 40K rubles (to purchase the LADA Granta of 2022 manufacturing year). The same discount is provided when buying under the LADA FINANCE program. Discounts in the scrappage, Trade-in and LADA FINANCE programs are not combined.

All programs are valid until March 31, 2023, more details can be found following the link or at all LADA dealerships.
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