AVTOVAZ has automated the “marriage”

AVTOVAZ keeps on modernizing technical processes aimed at increasing production efficiency.

In January 2021, the new chassis with powertrain sub-assembly shop and semi-automated engine and chassis installing line at the B0 vehicle production plant were launched at the enterprise.

The chassis with powertrain sub-assembly shop is floor conveyor with a special modular tooling, where is made main elements layout – these are powertrain, sub-frame, chassis units. This tooling is multi-functional and can be used for work with different car models.

Next to the layout line of chassis modules with powertrain have been established areas of kit-sets assembly, and logistics flows to supply the necessary components from different productions have been formed. The robotic automatic delivery trolleys are used in the shop.

Ready-to-install module with engine and chassis is being delivered by automated transport lines to the docking area with car body (so called “marriage”). Thanks to the new technology, the manual work has been minimized: operators set the direction and launch the fixing process of engine, chassis and body by pressing the button. The new equipment enables to make high-quality assembly and in strict accordance with production rhythm.