A new test track opened at AVTOVAZ

AVTOVAZ has introduced a new modern and effective method of the cars’ final quality check. Instead of the open track, which has been used since 1973 to test every car produced, a new test track has been opened, located inside the main building. This minimizes the impact of weather and road conditions on the quality of the vehicle inspection and improves the working conditions of test drivers.

Each car after Assembly is finished passes 300-meter long test track. Artificial obstacles and bends are located on the new track, providing a comprehensive check of the quality of the interior assembly and the operation of the main systems and units of the car: the chassis, transmission, and steering. In total, 8 different sections are installed: imitation of curbs, ''speed bump'', ''fish bone'' coating, two steep turns, an asymmetric surface, and paving stones with large and small cobblestones. The track allows to test up to 150 cars per hour and guarantees constant characteristics of the roadway, obstacles, and the absence of damage to the body from weather and road conditions.

The final inspection of the car is an important, but not the only quality control operation. Modern quality standards provide for verification at all stages of production at AVTOVAZ: stamping, casting of metal and plastic, welding and body painting. Engines and transmissions are passing multiple сhecks, too.

All 100% of the cars produced at AVTOVAZ (of the LADA, the Renault and the Datsun brands) are passing through the intermediate and final testing procedures. The new quality control method fully complies with the standards of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.