The new LADA Granta sedan is a symbol of trust

LADA presents the new Granta sedan - the first model of the new LADA Granta family. The new Granta sedan showcases LADA`s attention to the needs of modern customers for whom the bright car’s design and reliability are synonymous. The car in the modern world is not just a means of transportation, but a real living space where the driver and passengers feel comfortable and safe.

According to the Vice-President for sales and marketing Jan Ptacek, the LADA Granta family is one of the market leaders and at the same time a unique offer setting the tone in its segment. The new Granta sedan will further strengthen the strong and attractive image of LADA, as well as attract new customers through a balanced combination of advanced design, reliability and great prices.

The LADA Granta sedan is a new example of the dynamic development of the brand. Proven reliability together with a confident and modern appearance, as well as interpreted through the genetic code X-shaped design create a worthy updating of the LADA Granta family and lay the foundation for its further development.

The new LADA Granta sedan is distinguished with a completely redesigned fore body reflecting the belonging to the LADA cars of the new generation, where the headlights on a dark glossy substrate are organically installed in the upper part of the grille and the X-shaped graphics is visually highlighted with chrome inserts in the form of boomerangs. LADA logo increased in size provides completeness to the new image.

The rear-view mirrors with integrated turn repeaters and the original wheel design complete the modern look of the LADA Granta sedan.

Belonging to the DNA of the brand is clearly showed in the back of the new LADA Granta sedan. The sculptural approach used in the design of the rear bumper allowed to reduce its “visual weight”, and a more cleaner and streamlined relief of the facets in the rear body part “expanded” the dimensions of the new car. “X-shaped graphics” may be seen in the contours of the rear lights and in the stamps on the trunk lid creating the original shadows’ play on it.

The new LADA Granta sedan looks modern and high-bred that is supported with the same reliability and comfort.

The premiere of the car will be at the MIMS late in August.