The 500-thousandth LADA Vesta was released

On November 12, the 500-thousandth LADA Vesta in the [BLACK] trim level equipped with 1.6 liter engine with capacity of 106HP and manual transmission rolled off the assembly line. The car was shipped to the dealership of the city of Kemerovo.

The LADA Vesta went on sale 5 years ago, in November of 2015. Currently, the Russians purchase around 10K of LADA Vesta cars every month. And the half of sales accounts for models with SW body type. Thanks to the successful combination of body usability and dynamic interior, the SW and SW Cross models have opened the new niche of the Russian car market. The family is being constantly developed, supplementing with new modifications, new options and car personification elements.

500 K of cars over 5 years of production, stable presence in the TOP-3 of Russian car market and the status of the most exported LADA cars are among the major LADA Vesta’s gains, as well as the repeatedly awarded title of the “Car of the Year” and other professional awards.