LADA: sales results in September 2020

LADA summed up sales results for September 2020. In September, 35,304 cars were sold, including LADA Niva, which is 6.1% more than it was sold in September 2019.

Last month showed a clear increase in sales due to the resumption of business activity and customer demand, but it is also the result of active range animation.

The top three in sales remains unchanged.

The first place is confidently occupied by all models of the LADA Granta family with a result of 12,488 cars (+16% compared to August 2020).

The largest increase in sales was shown by models of the LADA Vesta family - 11,520 vehicles were sold (+26% compared to August 2020 and + 21.9% compared to September 2019). It is noteworthy that 47% of sales was SW body cars.

The third place is occupied by passenger and commercial versions of the Largus family, with a total of 4,682 such vehicles sold in September (+8% compared to August 2020).

About novelties in range animation, in September, started sales of the new special QUEST series based on the Largus Cross and Granta Cross models. New Multimedia options package, consisting of the Yandex.Auto services and rearview camera, for the XRAY #CLUB model has also become available. A new [BLACK] series based on Vesta Cross, XRAY Cross and 4x4 models was announced.