LADA: sales growth in January 2020

The LADA summed up the results of the first month of 2020. In January, sales amounted to 21,790 cars, which is 1,2% higher than the results of sales in January 2019.

The LADA`s market share in passenger car and light commercial vehicles segments for the first month of 2020, according to the Company`s own estimate, amounted appr. 21%.

The LADA Granta remained the most popular LADA model in January 2020. 8 470 cars of this model family found their buyers, which is 11% higher than last year.

In second place in popularity is the LADA Vesta family. In January 7,506 LADA Vesta cars were sold in Russia, which is 6% higher compared to the same period last year.

''We positively take LADA sales results in January. Resumption of the state programs to stimulate car market, lineup development, coordinated work of all units and our dealership network enabled to start this year with optimistic sales volumes'', - said Olivier Mornet, Executive Vice President for sales and marketing of JSC AVTOVAZ.