LADA in 2019: new models and success of the Brand

LADA novelties

In 2019 LADA has produces new models and modifications in all 5 car families

LADA Vesta Sport cars for fans of energetic driving have gone on sale in January. The car is made in racing style and distinguishes with power engine, sport suspension – in total it has got more than 200 original parts and units.

LADA Largus CNG – as many as three models of the LADA Largus family have got the bi-fuel modification, namely: station wagon, van and Cross version. The methane gas equipment increases the car life and its eco-friendliness and the most important allows to reduce the fuel costs threefold. Bi-fuel LADA Largus have gone on sale in April, 2019.

LADA Granta Cross: compact station wagon of improved off-road capability has entered the market in the summer 2019. The car features protective body kit and contrast design of interior. LADA Granta Cross is a car focused on active lifestyle and tourism and at the same time this is the most affordable model in the LADA Cross lineup.

LADA XRAY Cross AT – the first LADA car with continuously variable automatic transmission – has gone on sale in July. AT of the Japanese Jatco firm increases the comfort and the driving efficiency. A gear box is mounted in couple with the Japanese H4M engine (113hp), which has already been used in the model and is manufactured at AVTOVAZ at full cycle (casting, machining, assembly).

LADA Granta Drive Active – the car for fans of energetic driving style is distinguished with dynamic design and equipped with original chassis from LADA Sport, sports seats and aerodynamic body kit.

LADA Vesta AT: in November LADA Vesta cars in all body types have got the continuously variable automatic transmission AT Jatco, which is coupled with H4M engine. New comfort level that AT provides is in demand among LADA Vesta customers, many of whom are family people living in cities.

The SOP of the LADA 4x4 with new interior has started in December, 2019. Cars have got more comfortable seats, fully updated dashboard, ERA-GLONASS system, as well as improved noise and vibration insulation.

More information about new products of LADA can be found on official website.

LADA awards

In 2019 LADA has got a number of professional and public awards.

LADA has become a winner in the annual National award “Car of the year in Russia”. LADA Vesta and LADA Largus station wagon have become the prize winners.

LADA got two awards in the prestigious automobile award – Grand Prix of the magazine “Za rulyom”. Bi-fuel LADA Vesta CNG and LADA Largus CNG are awarded in a special category “For new energy”, and the sedan LADA Vesta Cross won in the category “Small Class”.

LADA Vesta SW Cross was awarded in the annual study “Car ratings of the year”. The model has got a prize in the “Modern cars” segment worth up to 1.4 million rubles.

AVTOVAZ has received an award from the publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”: LADA brand was included in the “50 legendary brands of our country” rating. The results of the popular vote were announced on December 5, 2019; in total, more than 5 million people took part in the vote.

Position strengthening in Russia and new markets development

In 2019 LADA keeps more than 20% of the Russian market, the LADA Granta is the bestseller in Russia, and LADA Vesta occupies the second position.

During the year LADA has continued to develop dealership network in Russia and in near and far abroad. 14 new dealerships were opened in Russia in 2019. There are about 300 LADA showrooms in Russia now, more than 90% of which have been rebranded in line with LADA modern standards.

In 2019 the fully new LADA showrooms were opened in Azerbaijan (2 centers), in Belarus (1 center), in Uzbekistan (8 centers), in Kyrgyzstan (1 center), in Mongolia (1 center), and in Bolivia (2 centers). 2 LADA showrooms are being rebranded on the new brand identity in Kazakhstan. The fact that the local production and sales of the LADA Granta of new generation have been started in Egypt in November, 2019 proves its growing popularity abroad.

With new partners – in search of talents

The company has continued active cooperation and implementation of joint projects with Russian universities in order to attract talented young people.

On February, 1, AVTOVAZ has concluded the General agreement on cooperation and the agreement on joining to the consortium of the competence Center of the national technology initiative (NTI) of SPBPU “New production technologies”.

The contest of design-projects “Conquering Moscow and St. Petersburg” has been held, in which Moscow Polytechnic University and Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design became the LADA partners. Contest participants received the task to show their vision of a new LADA car, which can capture the hearts of residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

21st of June 2019, JSC “AVTOVAZ`” and the “Skolkovo” Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed at the future cooperation and exchange of the experience in the field of innovative startups, relevant competencies and resources to promote the development of innovative solutions.

AVTOVAZ faces ambitious goals to produce new and update current LADA models. The Company recruits new specialists in the engineering service to implement these projects. These are engineers-technologists, engineers, designers. In 2019, about 400 new specialists joined the engineering division of the enterprise, and in 2020 this work will be continued.

AVTOVAZ President Yves Caracatzanis: “We have managed to keep the leadership of the LADA brand, as well as continue launching new products in difficult environment. 2019 became the year of the Quality in our Company. First, this is quality of working conditions, which we gradually, step-by-step improving as part of the special program designed for three years. This is quality both of cars manufactured and client service at our dealers that we are constantly improving. We will continue this work, strengthen our sales and develop new products. I’m convinced that together we will reach success despite the difficult situation in the market”.