LADA increased sales in HY1 2019

In HY1 2019, 174 186 LADA passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold on the Russian market that exceeds last year`s figures by 2.5%. In June 2019, 30 786 LADA cars were sold.

According to company`s assessment, LADA market share in the segment of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for 6 months of 2019 makes 21%.

The most popular LADA car in terms of sales from January to June, 2019 became LADA Granta –63 982 cars of this family were bought that is by 40.1% more vs year ago. Moreover, in June, 2019, 11 609 LADA Granta cars were sold that makes a 26.4% growth compared to June, 2018.

LADA Vesta took the second position in the rating. In 6 months, sales amounted to 55 784 cars that is by 12.4% more vs year ago.

Station wagons of the LADA Largus family, which were sold in the amount of 20 662 for 6 months, are on the third position in terms of popularity among LADA cars. June was the most successful month in terms of this model sales, 4 381 passenger station wagons were sold (+13.9% by June 2018).

Executive Vice President for sales and marketing of JSC “AVTOVAZ” Jan Ptacek said: “In the first half of the year, despite the stagnation and even a slight decline in the market, LADA showed sales growth and market share increase. This result demonstrates the success of the strategy of LADA model range development and dealer network renewal, as well as the effectiveness of our special offers aimed at helping customers to purchase a new car. State programs “First car” and “Family car” have also proved their high efficiency, and we hope that their prolongation will help to continue to support the purchasing activity”.