LADA 4x4 VISION – the brightest premier of the MIAS-2018

The concept car LADA 4x4 VISION is recognized as the best exhibit of the MIAS. So are the results of the voting attended by more than 20 K visitors of the show.

Diploma of the motor show and a commemorative statuette were awarded to LADA design Director Steve Mattin. According to the organizers of the voting, the magazine “5 Koleso” and radio “Moskva FM”, the main prize symbolizing a non-stop onward movement is intended for the company, whose car is recognized as the brightest event of the exhibition.

LADA 4x4 VISION has balanced the amazing character of LADA 4x4 and the new genotype of cars of the brand, skillfully combined them with a powerful, modern, sculptured car design and with a skillfully created high-tech interior space. LADA 4x4 VISION - hard and brutal and at the same time sporty and elegant. He`s a vision of what a new LADA SUV could be.