Start of sales of renewed on-board platforms and vans based on LADA 4x4

AVTOVAZ presents an updated line of commercial vehicles based on the LADA 4x4 SUV. All modifications, side platforms and vans, are reliable commercial vehicles with a semi-frame body structure and rear spring suspension. they are characterized by excellent cross-country performance, high load capacity, low cost of ownership and an extensive service network.

LADA 4x4 on-Board platform

LADA 4x4 on-board platform is the optimal ratio of characteristics for solving logistics tasks outside of urban roads. Load capacity-up to 580 kilograms. Large cargo compartment capacity, capable of accommodating 2 euro pallets. 6 rigging loops and locking fittings made of galvanized steel will ensure reliable fastening of the cargo. Depending on your business needs, you can choose a 2-seat version with a standard cargo compartment, or a 5-seat version with a short cargo compartment. Additional cargo protection can be provided by ordering a version with a fiberglass kung, which is equipped with pneumatic seals of the cover and cargo compartment lighting lamp for easy loading/unloading.

LADA 4x4 van

LADA 4x4 van is a reliable commercial vehicle with a load capacity of up to 490 kilograms and a wide range of van add-ons. Frameless vans made of sandwich panels with a wall thickness of 30 or 50 mm are available in four versions: universal, bread, insulated and refrigerated vans. Frame modifications are presented in two versions: a maintenance vehicle for mobile teams and vans with a reinforced roof, rails and a ladder for climbing to the roof.

Depending on your business needs, you can also choose a 2-seat version with a standard cargo compartment, or a 5-seat version with a short cargo compartment. It is possible to install special climate equipment that maintains the temperature in the cargo compartment from -20 to +12 °C.

Off-road package. More passability, more comfort

A special package of additional equipment provides increased cross-country ability even with a large load. And the air conditioner included in the package provides additional comfort for the driver. The package includes:

•Reinforced rear axle

•Reinforced front suspension springs

•Main transmission of the front and rear axles 4.1

•Increased ground clearance of 240 mm and excellent geometric ability

•235/75 R15 tires with active ground tread

•Self-locking screw-type differentials in the front and rear axles

•Front and rear suspension shock absorbers with increased move

•Reduction gearing is a necessary assistant when driving a loaded car in difficult conditions, such as in deep snow, mud, or on a steep climb.


The cost of the onboard platform starts from 799,000 rubles. The cost of a van based on LADA 4x4 starts from 856,000 rubles. More information about LADA commercial models can be found in the official dealerships of the brand and on the website