New LADA cars with an advantage

LADA brand promotions and conditions of state programs continue to operate during October. All LADA models (except commercial versions by VIS) participate in state programs.

10% profit when buying a car on credit is provided to:

- in terms of “First car” state program for the buyers purchasing a car for the first time;

- in terms of “Family car” for the families with one or more minor children (including those under guardianship);

- employees of medical organizations of the state health system;

- under the program of preferential lending for those who sell their vehicle over the age of 6 years and use it as a part of the initial payment (with a period of ownership of more than 1 year).

There is also support sales program for the LADA CNG cars in accordance with the rules for granting subsidies from the Federal budget to manufacturers of equipment that uses natural gas as a motor fuel. By purchasing a bi-fuel car from an official LADA dealer, one can get a discount of 138,000 rubles.

LADA`s own programs continue to operate:

Trade-In: depending on the model, benefit from 20 to 50 thousand rubles for handover of the used car as a part of payment for the new one. New offer in October - Chevrolet Niva handover as a credit for the purchase of the new LADA Niva with a benefit in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

LADA FINANCE: benefit from 20 to 30 thousand rubles when buying a car under its own credit program;

LADA Leasing: benefit from 30 to 40 thousand rubles when buying a car on lease;

The benefits of state programs can be combined with LADA`s own sales support programs. For more information about the conditions for granting benefits, and about summing up your own and state programs, see the website and at LADA dealers.