LADA cars participate in the state programs «The First car» and «The Family car»

LADA cars became participants of the state programs of demand support «The First car» and «The Family car», which were developed by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and were restarted from March 1, 2019.

According to the rules of the programs, cars worth up to 1 million rubles are available for purchase on preferential terms, and the benefit when buying a car will be 10% of its value. All LADA models take part in the program.

The program «Family car» can be used by those, who have two or more minor children, and the program «First car» - by the Russians who buy their own car for the first time.

One of the conditions of the state subsidy schemes is that the benefit of 10% of the cost of the LADA model is provided when buying a car under the loan program. Savings of 10% of the cost can be combined with an additional benefit of 40 thousand rubles, which is provided when buying LADA Granta, LADA Vesta, as well as LADA Largus van or wagon using the trade-in scheme.

To remind, state programs «The First car» and «The Family car» were first launched in the summer of 2017 and were actual until the end of May, 2018. The programs have shown their high efficiency and were demanded by the buyers of new cars. Thus, during the period of work of the programs in 2018 (from January to May), 40% of LADA buyers concluded bargains with their use.

«Introduction of the programs to support demand, worked out by the Russian Ministry of industry and trade, from March 1, 2019, will have a positive impact on consumer activity and will sustain the domestic market growth. These measures have shown their high effectiveness in the past years. State support programs, that can be combined with exclusive LADA special price benefits, will grant to LADA customers exceptional conditions to buy our cars in March», - said AVTOVAZ President Yves Caracatzanis.