LADA of the future in the works of students of Moscow Polytechnic University

LADA continues actively to cooperate with Russian educational institutions. The work on a project called “the future flagship of LADA” was carried out together with the students of the Moscow Polytechnic University.

The project was started in February 2018. Chief designer of LADA Steve Mattin and the Head of the Moscow division of LADA design center Julien Drouard told the students about the philosophy of “X-graphics” that is the part of LADA DNA as well as about its key features emphasizing the importance of Brand awareness.

Projects’ preparation was built gradually. Students had to decide at the first stage how the flagship LADA would look like analyzing the preferences, lifestyle and expectations of future customers. The obtained information should later be transferred to the language of design creating a new concept of the car with the modern interpretation of “X-graphics”.

The second-year students worked at the next stage under the direct supervision of the center for project activities of the Moscow Polytechnic University and of the Chief designer of the Moscow Studio Julien Drouard. They worked out the concept scheme, created sketches of the body and interior design. The intermediate weekly meetings helped participants to develop their ideas, clarify details and complete individual projects.

The results of the six-month work were demonstrated to Steve Mattin and Julien Drouard, who noted a number of interesting solutions, as well as drew attention to new ways of brand`s DNA interpretation.

Photo materials of the project are here

Co-work with the design center of the Moscow Polytechnic University is a part of LADA`s large-scale strategy on talented young people attraction.