LADA appeared in the Moscow Car-sharing park

    100 LADA Granta cars were shipped to the Moscow car-sharing park and it is expected the further volume increase. The cars are equipped with automatic transmission, air conditioner, audio system, heated seats, 2 air bags and smartphone chargers.

    LADA Granta can be taken on lease through the mobile app Carusel.

    LADA Granta with automatic transmission also can be bought in LADA dealership. You will recall that the 4-speed AT of the firm Japanese Jatco have been installed in LADA Granta since 2012 – this model was the first serial LADA with AT. New software was created when adapting of the gearbox to LADA. LADA Granta has a sport character that advantageous distinguishes the car from other cars with AT. Nowadays LADA Granta is being equipped with AT or with automated manual transmission.