LADA announces a charity event “Don`t let the life be interrupted”

LADA announces a charity event “Don`t let the life be interrupted” in favor of the wards of Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun “Gift of life”. Up to 10 rubles will be deducted in favor of the Fund to help children with cancer and hematological diseases when buying a spare part or accessory by official LADA dealers or in the LADA network. The campaign will run from October, 1 to December, 31, the results will be published on the pages and

Purchasing spare parts and accessories by official dealers and in stores, LADA owners not only get the opportunity to help children. The use of certified spare parts and expendable materials – is the key to reliable car operation, and therefore a necessary condition for the safety of family members and all road users. LADA cares about safety and encourages all drivers to take responsibility for their vehicles condition.

The list of LADA dealers, retail stores LADA Detail, participating in the program is on

Employees of PJSC AVTOVAZ and its subsidiaries can directly participate in the campaign, donating any amount in favor of the wards of the fund “Gift of life” in one of two ways:

• To send SMS to 6162 with the text: “the amount space LADA”. Specify the amount by numerals, the word LADA in the end is mandatory. Example: “100 LADA”. 100 rubles will be written off from the account.

•To make a transfer from a Bank card or mobile phone on the promotion page dedicated to the LADA project on the site Friends of the Fund. In this case, you should specify the name and surname.

The campaign is open to all employees of PJSC AVTOVAZ and its subsidiaries who have donated any amount during the program period. The results will be announced in early 2019. Details on All participants will have the opportunity to win a LADA XRAY car, a ticket to the international children`s center Artek or souvenirs from the new LADA collection.

It is to recap that the first joint campaign of LADA and the fund “Gift of life” was held in 2016 – then thanks to the support of LADA it was transferred 12 004 032 rubles to the fund. The collected funds helped 178 children with serious diseases.