Vladimir Putin congratulated AVTOVAZ on VAZ-2101 Anniversary

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated collective of JSC “AVTOVAZ” and veterans of the enterprise on the 50-th Anniversary of the first car produced. The telegram of congratulations says:

“Dear friends!

I congratulate you on the big, festive event – 50 year ago, on April 19, 1970, the first legendary VAZ 2101 car rolled off the production line of the Volga automobile manufacturing plant, which has at once gained hearts of car enthusiasts both in our country and abroad. Since that day, which was unforgettable for your team and veterans, the eventful history of VAZ automobile industry has started. Behind its chapters - work of many generations of designers, engineers, workers and specialists that have greatly contributed to our enterprise establishment and gave powerful impetus to domestic automobile industry.

It’s my pleasure to say that current AVTOVAZ team keeps up the remarkable traditions of their predecessors, actively implements advanced technologies and innovative solutions, steadily improves products quality and competitiveness. It also launches production of models respecting the most up-to-date safety, reliability and eco-friendliness standards.

I wish you new achievements and all the best. And my great acknowledgements are addressed to veterans of the plant”.