LADA Revolution – new exhibit of LADA museum

On October, 17, LADA museum in Togliatti was replenished with sports prototype LADA Revolution. AVTOVAZ employee Lev Makarov transferred the unique racing car to the museum. AVTOVAZ President took part in solemn ceremony of new exhibit transfer.

Lev Makarov with the group of plant employees, who are interested in motor sport, have restored the car, which was the first in the LADA revolution series and showcased in 2003 at motor shows in Frankfurt and Moscow. AVTOVAZ President Yves Caracatzanis thanked the restorers and mentioned that LADA museum is the important cultural and tourist object: by about 20 K people visit it every year and more than 1 million guests from different countries of Russian and the world visited museum for its 43 years history.

LADA Revolution is part of the extensive collection, consisting of 74 unique LADA cars – conceptual, sports and series vehicles, each of which has its own history. LADA museum invites to get acquainted with the new exhibit: exhibition complex is open from Tueday to

Saturday at the following address: Togliatti, Yuzhnoe shosse, 121.

LADA Revolution is a mid-engine rear-wheel drive roadster, the body of which is made of steel frame, panels made of aluminum and fiberglass. LADA Revolution was equipped with 1.6 l engine developing 150-200 HP. The prototype had 6-speed gearbox with sequential gearshift mechanism. LADA revolution when accelerating from rest to 100 km/h for 6,5 sec was able to reach a maximum speed of 260 km/h. First competitions were held in May, 2004. Further LADA Revolution took part both in monoseries and world level competitions: in 2005 at “HORN Gran Prix 1003 km” racing in Lithuania the car piloted by V.Kharlov and V.Dudin won in the A1600 class and took the second place in absolute standings.