Xavier Heger Appointed AVTOVAZ Vice-president for Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Starting October 13, 2018, Xavier Heger will be appointed AVTOVAZ vice-president for quality and customer satisfaction. Dmitriy Mikhailov, previously holding this position, is returning back to Nissan.

Heger, born in 1967, has been working in Groupe Renault for 25 years. He held the positions of Deputy Director for Production at Renault’s Autoframos (Moscow), Production Director of the Renault plant in Casablanca (Morocco), Director of B0 line in Togliatti. Since 2016, Heger has held the position of deputy vice-president for quality and customer satisfaction at AVTOVAZ.

AVTOVAZ President Yves Caracatzanis thanked Dmitriy Mikhailov for work he has done and wished him success back in Nissan. «Mr. Heger has deep knowledge of the tasks his team is working on. The big experience of Mr. Heger, gained over the years on executive positions in Groupe Renault, and perfect knowledge of the production processes at AVTOVAZ, will allow him to continuously improve the quality of cars and level of customers’ satisfaction,» - stressed Mr. Caracatzanis.