LADA 4х4 will become 40 years old on 5 April

On the 5th of April AVTOVAZ and LADA fans will celebrate an anniversary of the legendary model - LADA 4х4. 40 years ago, in 1977, the manufacturing of a cross-country capacity vehicle VAZ-2121 Niva started (since 2005 the vehicle was named LADA 4х4).

About 2.5 million LADA 4х4 have been produced since 1977. Over 530 thousand vehicles have been exported. This is the only LADA which has conquered all 6 continents of the Earth, including Antarctic where the Russian off-road vehicle worked during 11 years. For 40 years of manufacturing AVTOVAZ and partners have industrialized over 30 mass production and small series versions of the vehicle: pickups, armored cars, cabriolets and others.

During its life LADA 4х4 had several cycles of modernization. Keeping its classic recognizable style, AVTOVAZ engineers fully modernized the chassis and other systems of the vehicle. It became more dynamic, comfortable and safe. The steering response of the vehicle improved – both on and off the road.

You can find historical and present-day photos and video, additional information about LADA 4x4 here.