August 14, 2023
First LADA Largus LCVs will start rolling off the AVTOVAZ production line on August 14, 2023. The Company resumes this car production a month earlier than scheduled.

In total, 650 LADA Largus cars of different modifications are planned to release in August 2023, including car kits for pilot batch of the LADA e-Largus EVs, which are going to go in production in Izhevsk later this year.

Several bodies, which further will be used to adjust technological equipment in Izhevsk, are to be produced in Togliatti. AVTOVAZ decided to transfer the LADA Largus family production to the Izhevsk manufacturing site. The transfer project is scheduled to complete in 2HY 2024.

The LADA Largus production transfer is due to plans in the short-term to significantly increase the Vesta car family production on the Line 1 in Togliatti, as well as plans to produce the executive LADA Aura sedan and a new crossover based on the Vesta platform. Thus, the Line 1 will focus on the co-platform cars production.

Downtime in the Largus production will enable Russian suppliers to set up an additional component range to increase the technological sovereignty of this model.
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