January 24, 2023
LADA announces sales start of updated commercial pickups based on the NIVA Legend, which are produced by “PSA VIS-AVTO” JSC, AVTOVAZ subsidiary. Maximum load capacity of cars was increased by 185 kg. A modification with a two-seat cabin and onboard platform without add-on has the heaviest load capacity of 800 kg.

Load capacity was increased thanks to the operational experience of special modifications of pickups for firefighters and rescuers. These cars are constantly working with an 80-100% load capacity, therefore the body for pickups based on the LADA NIVA Legend was strengthened and the design of joining of a cabin with a half-frame was improved. Many years of work of rescue pickups in different cities of Russia and at different industrial enterprises confirmed reliability and durability of the body. And this allowed to increase load capacity of commercial vehicles as well.

As of today, the range of pickups based on the LADA NIVA Legend includes both 2-seat and 5-seat pickups, cars with a fiberglass shelter, insulated vans, refrigerators, breakdown vans, versions for unsurfaced roads – more than 30 different trim levels with load compartment from 1 to 3.5 m3 and load capacity from 640 to 800kg. The recommended retail price of a basic commercial LADA NIVA Legend pickup starts from 1 153 400 rubles.
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