December 2, 2022
By the end of November 2022, 21 726 passenger cars and commercial vehicles of the LADA brand were sold in Russia, which is the best result since the beginning of 2022 and 13.5% higher than sales result in October 2022. In total, for 11 months were sold 164 636 LADA cars.

Main LADA sales drivers in November were the Granta and NIVA family cars.

Sales result of passenger LADA Granta car sales in November 2022 was 13 015 cars, which is 80% more than model sales results a year ago.

The LADA NIVA Legend showed the largest increase with 3 222 cars sold in November 2022, which is 132.6% more than in November 2021. November sales of the LADA NIVA Legend are the best indicator in 2022.

The NIVA Travel also showed positive results with 3676 cars sold, which is significantly more than model sales in previous months of 2022 and by 64.6% more vs November 2021.

Maksim Sokolov, President of AVTOVAZ JSC: ''Sales growth in the last three months shows high efficiency of state preferential car loan programs introduced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, and measures taken by the company to return LADA bestsellers and the most popular equipment to the lineup. In a short time, we restarted production of LADA Granta, NIVA Legend and NIVA Travel cars, and also returned almost all usual comfort and safety options such as air conditioning, heated seats and windshield, airbags, multimedia, etc. I thank every member of our team for the highest dedication and all LADA fans for their support!”
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