LADA Vesta got new multimedia system EnjoY

AVTOVAZ announces the start of sales of Vesta cars with a new multimedia system EnjoY. This is the entry version of the previously presented exclusive LADA EnjoY Pro intelligent system. It is not inferior in speed of action to the version with the prefix Pro and combines a user-friendly interface, functionality and affordability.

The new version of the multimedia system has retained all the main advantages of the top modification, for example, support of projected Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, 3D sound from ARKAMYS, configured with the Vesta interior architecture and the possibility of fine-tuning, an integrated rear-view camera with dynamic and static lines, a safe hands-free communication mode and a dual microphone with noise suppression, as well as the possibility of remote control on the steering wheel. The EnjoY system is equipped with a 7-inch screen with a modern IPS matrix that makes the image bright at any viewing angle.

The new multimedia system is presented in cars of the LADA Vesta family (except for the Vesta Sport) and will be available optionally starting with the Comfort trim as part of the Winter EnjoY package at a price of 897,900 rubles.