LADA will support a private racing team at the DAKAR Rally 2022

The LADA brand has decided to support a private team from Switzerland, which plans to perform at the Dakar-2022 rally on a classic LADA Niva SUV produced in 1984. The brand will act as an official partner of the team.

The classic SUV VAZ-2121, independently prepared by the team, will be launched in the new Dakar Classic category. It was created specifically for cars that participated in races before 2000. Participate in the rally on a domestic car will real fans of the model from Swiss: Mario Jacober and Sladjan Miljic.

Together with the team new name and identity were developed in the spirit of the 80s of the 20th century, when LADA Niva actively participated in various sports competitions. The new name of the team is NIVA RED LEGEND Team*.

''We are very glad that the LADA brand believed in us and decided to support! This will undoubtedly give us confidence and help us make sure that as many people as possible can learn about our project. We started preparing in the winter, and now after 9 months we are ready to hit the road. Our first stop will be the city of Togliatti, where we plan to visit the AVTOVAZ museum and see with our own eyes the ''combat'' Nivas of the last century that inspired us to participate in the Dakar rally, '' said Mario Jacober, pilot of the NIVA RED LEGEND Team.

“We learned by chance about this project, as it made some buzz in Russian media. But we interested in because there is a very nice human story behind it. We will follow their adventure and help to share it with all NIVA fans in different media including social. We support it because they share our values of competition, adventure and friendship”, said Fabien Goulmy, LADA Brand & Marketing Director.

You can follow the preparation and competitions in the teams’ account

@nivaredlegendteam on Instagram and YouTube channel.

And also via the official LADA pages in social networks.

* previous name of the team was Racing LADA