LADA: new dealership in Kazakhstan

On July 16, 2021, a new fully fledged LADA dealership opened in Nur-Sultan courtesy of the brand’s importer in the Kazakhstan Republic, Orion Distribution, under its trademark Aster. AVTOVAZ President, Nicolas Maure, visited the new store during his trip to Kazakhstan and took part in the opening.

New dealership has a total area of 2817 sq.m. Spacious showroom of 792 sq.m. allows to exhibit the full LADA model range.

Service area of 900 sq.m. is equipped with modern machines that meet LADA’s high standards. 9 service stations, 1 washing station and 1 reception station allow to service up to 50 clients per day with comfort, safety and efficiency. Warehouse of 144 sq.m. contains up to 2000 spare part references, allowing to have any level of repairs done as soon as possible.