AVTOVAZ opens the largest warehouse of LADA spare parts

Today, on June 11, 2021, the President of AVTOVAZ, Nicolas Maure, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Aleksander Morozov, and the Governor of the Tver region, Igor Rudenya, have opened the largest regional warehouse of the LADA spare parts in Tver.

The new logistics center with an area of 25 000 m2 is organized in cooperation with TC “Alpha” logistics operator. It is located on the federal Moscow-St. Petersburg highway, which allows it to service two largest agglomerations of Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia following LADA’s strict standards: delivery of the spare parts to the dealerships on the day after they have been ordered and the urgent ones on the day they have been ordered. In addition, it is possible to quickly deliver the cargo to Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Smolensk and other cities via the Moscow highways which are suitable for rapid transportation. As such, this new logistics complex is capable of servicing around 100 dealership companies in the LADA network and about 400 wholesale customers in the Central Federal region and nearby regions.

Construction has been done with support from the Government of the Tver region. The warehouse has been built and commissioned in less than a year. Total investments in this project amounted to almost 1.3 billion Rubles. The amount of LADA parts’ references processed here equals 20,000 pieces and the new warehouse is capable of expanding its area and processing volumes. At the time of its opening, there are 93,000 storage cells, of which 55,000 cells are reserved for small references – being able to work with this category of spare parts is a unique advantage of the new storage. High level of the complex automation allows it to be managed by less than 100 people. The building includes 21 loading ramps which also leads to higher efficiency and speed of operations.

AVTOVAZ President, Nicolas Maure: «Aftersales service is one of the highest priority tasks in our activities. These processes make up the public opinion about LADA, demonstrate our progress in increasing customers’ loyalty. We have the largest dealership network in Russia – 301 centers and over 1500 LADA Detal’ retail stores, and this entire system has to work in harmony. I am sure that this new logistics hub will increase the quality and speed of these activities and, therefore, increase the quality of our service. I would like to thank the Governor of the Tver region for the support of this important for all of us project».

Governor of the Tver region, Igor Rudenya: «The opening of the logistics complex of the Alfa trading company is a significant event for the Tver region, for the development and improvement of the competitiveness of the domestic automotive industry and related industries. It is important that all the agreements that we sign in the framework of economic forums, as well as on our Tver land, are being implemented. The agreement on the construction of the logistics complex of the company ``Alfa`` was signed only a year ago. During this time, a high-tech, modern complex was created from scratch on the territory of the Raslovo Industrial Park. This is a dynamically developing industrial site, which is provided with all the necessary engineering infrastructure at the expense of our region. Next year, it is planned to build an access road to the industrial park. The next stage will be the complete reconstruction of the road from the M-10 highway to the village of Lebedevo, which will provide a unified transport connection with federal highways and international transport corridors».

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov: «I would like to note that the business that has been developed here in the Tver region will be connected to the whole world, thanks to the global status of our manufacturers. Today, we see how the requirements for service are changing, and the investments that companies are making will allow us to provide LADA car owners with the best service in Russia».