LADA Vesta and LADA Largus won the title of ''CAR OF THE YEAR IN RUSSIA’ 2021”

On June 10, Moscow hosted the ceremony of the national award ''CAR OF THE YEAR IN RUSSIA’ 2021”.

LADA Vesta and LADA Largus became the winners in their respective categories: LADA Vesta was awarded as the best car in the ''Small Class'' and LADA Largus won in the ''Compact Cars'' category.

LADA cars have won the award many times before. Models of the LADA Vesta family have already been awarded 4 times in various categories. In addition, LADA Largus was awarded 7 times, and LADA itself won in the special category ''Favorite brand in the mass segment''.

About the award

The annual national award ''CAR OF THE YEAR IN RUSSIA'' is an indicator of independent public opinion in the automotive market and is therefore rightfully recognized as one of the most anticipated and large-scale events in the automotive world.

The selection of the best cars in their classes is carried out in the online voting format on the project`s website, more than a million people from all over Russia take part in it. The voting catalog includes all officially sold cars on the market with brief technical specifications, prices and other useful information.