LADA produced 10 thousand of bi-fuel CNG vehicles

JSC ''AVTOVAZ'' together with its partner LLC ''ATS-AUTO'' released a 10-thousandth bi-fuel car LADA – it became Vesta CNG sedan.

LADA CNG models use both gasoline and compressed natural gas methane as a fuel. This type of fuel is the most environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Natural gas increases the life of the engine and reduces the cost of operating the car: with an average annual mileage of 20 thousand kilometers, fuel costs are reduced up to 3 times, and savings reach up to 40 thousand rubles (depending on the driving style). Due to their economy, bi-fuel vehicles are successfully used as working vehicles, for example, about 30% of LADA Vesta CNG are operated in taxi services.

Methane is also one of the safest fuels, in addition fuse and speed valve built into the gas cylinder prevent any possibility of a gas cylinder rupture and uncontrolled gas escape in the event of damage to the gas pipelines.

The LADA Vesta CNG has a 90-liter gas cylinder located in the luggage compartment, while maintaining the standard 55-liter gas tank. Thanks to this, the car can travel more than 1000 kilometers without refueling.

It should be noted that the cost of LADA Vesta CNG remained competitive (from 805,900 rubles) thanks to the state subsidy Ecogas, introduced at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.