New engine for the LADA bestseller

AVTOVAZ announces start of sales of the most popular LADA model – Granta – with a new engine with capacity of 90 hp. This unit replaced the 1.6 l (87 hp) engine and will be available in all trim levels and body types. The price of a LADA Granta with a new engine starts from 519,900 rubles.

New Engine

On the new basic engine 11182 (1.6 l, 8 valves) were implemented an updated connecting rod-piston group, an upgraded crankshaft, gas distribution mechanism and a number of other changes – 48 new parts in total. As a result, power has increased up to 90 hp, torque to 143 Nm, and 80% of it is already available at 1300 rpm, which reduces fuel consumption and frequency of gear changes. In addition, it eliminates the need to adjust the valves to a run of 90,000 kilometers. It is quieter, more reliable and more powerful, so in average it consumes only 7.5 liters of 92 gasoline per 100 km. Thanks to the changes made, its resource increased by 25%, and acceleration to 100 km/h decreased by 0.4 seconds. Thus, it is possible to save up to 5,000 rubles for every 20,000 km, by reducing fuel consumption and the cost of maintenance (no need to adjust the valves during 1,3,5 maintenance).

Recall that LADA Granta is a long-term leader in sales of passenger cars in Russia. In just ten years since the start of production, more than a million Granta family cars have been sold.