LADA increased sales in April 2021

In April 2021, 37,931 LADA passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold in Russia, which is 4 times more than the result of April 2020 and 17.4% higher than the sales of April 2019. To remind, sales in the entire Russian market in April 2020 showed the lowest result in the modern history due to the strict sanitary restrictions imposed in the country.

The best-selling LADA model in April 2021 was the Granta with a result of 14,050 cars; the LADA Vesta occupied the second place with 11,178 cars sold; the Largus family became the third best-selling LADA car with 4,347 cars sold (PC+LCV).

''In 2021, we are seeing a recovery in demand for LADA cars, which is due to successful launch of our new important products – the Niva Travel and the Largus Family, effective measures of state support for demand, as well as our own attractive financial products. This year, we have focused on updating our cars. In April, we launched sales of the Vesta and the XRAY families with the new EnjoY Pro multimedia system with Yandex.Auto services, which will further increase interest in LADA cars'',- commented Olivier Mornet, Executive Vice President of LADA Sales and Marketing.