LADA announces promotion “All inclusive!”

From April 15 to July 15 the service promotion “All inclusive” will be available for all LADA owners: the diagnostics and the seasonal service of cars can be carried out at the official dealers on favourable conditions

Promotion “All inclusive” includes 5 special offers:

Summer on all points: free comprehensive diagnostics of the car on 30 points. The powertrain, the service fluids, brakes (at the roller brake bench), electrical equipment, ventilation system, suspension and other units are checked. When repairing at the dealer, the diagnostics is free of charge, if the owner conducts only the checking, the service cost makes 599 rubles. As part of the special offer, both the spare parts and consumables can be purchased on favourable conditions.

Change tires easily: tire servicing from 799 rubles. Service cost depends on the size of tire and the region the works are provided.

Drink from seasonal menu: special offer for cars older than 5 years. Free replacement of the LADA engine oil and original filter as a gift when purchasing and replacing the engine oil and filter at the LADA dealership.

Something your car deserved after winter: favourable offer when passing maintenance for the car younger than 3 years. The promotion includes benefits for consumables and spare parts when passing maintenance for LADA Granta in the amount of 15%, for other LADA models – 10%, or the benefit of 1000 rubles when purchasing any LECAR goods available.

Summer details: a 15% discount for all LECAR goods when buying from 1000 rubles. Recall, LECAR is LADA’s own exclusive brand of auto components.

The more in-depth information about service programs can be obtained by employees of the LADA dealership and on page of the official website.