EnjoY Pro: New generation multimedia system from LADA

AVTOVAZ announces the creation of a new multimedia system LADA EnjoY Pro, developed considering the wishes of consumers and modern technologies. This is an intelligent multimedia system that provides the full functionality of a modern smartphone integrated into the car, with support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a full set of Yandex.Auto services. The system is characterized by high performance and the ability to analyze user preferences, offering familiar routes and a selection of music. LADA EnjoY Pro is an 8-inch HD screen with a responsive and bright IPS matrix, pleasure of high-quality surround sound by ARKAMYS, as well as regularly updated software that allows you to maintain the relevance of all existing functions, add new ones and increase the stability of their operation.


LADA EnjoY Pro is universal, it combines the three most popular and functional systems: Yandex. Auto, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The user can choose the system that he is used to, which meets his needs. Each system has its own unique set of applications with music, navigation and voice assistant - LADA EnjoY Pro works with all the functions.

Surround Sound

ARKAMYS surround sound technology provides accurate and live effect music reproduction, taking into account the materials of the interior trim, the characteristics of the speakers and their location in the car. The sound of the LADA EnjoY Pro has been adjusted to consider the architecture and interior volume of each LADA model in which it will be used. Unique algorithms of sound distribution in space create the effect of a concert hall. Individual tuning of the sound frequencies and the sound stage ensures high-quality sound over a wide range.

Fully integrated with the vehicle system

The loading of the operating system and applications begins immediately after the user presses the ''open door'' button on the key. Thanks to this, by the time driver gets into the car and turn on the ignition, LADA EnjoY Pro is ready to delight with music and plot a route without a long wait. In addition, the system does not shut down when the ignition is turned off, but only when the driver`s door is opened, which, for example, makes it possible to listen to your favorite music or finish a phone conversation after the car engine stops.


All the functions of the system can be managed without being distracted from the road. Answer a call, switch a track, adjust the volume, change the music source can be possible either with the use of the buttons on the steering wheel, or using the smart voice assistant. A rear-view camera with dynamic parking lines allows you to confidently and safely maneuver in reverse, and warning signals will promptly notify you of situations when maneuvering is unsafe – for example, when the trunk is open or the speed when reversing is too high.

''We always pay great attention to the technical equipment of LADA cars, constantly improving and expanding their functionality in accordance with the needs of consumers and the latest market trends. Today we are pleased to announce the creation of EnjoY Pro, with the advent of which LADA becomes the only car manufacturer in Russia that presents a multimedia system with embedded Yandex services, phone projection technologies through an 8-inch screen and with 3D stereo system. EnjoY Pro is a high-tech and deeply integrated solution that provides a qualitatively new level of interaction between the driver and the car, '' said Olivier Mornet, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at AVTOVAZ.

The list of models with the EnjoY Pro and start of sales will be announced later.