AVTOVAZ and СDEK announce the conclusion of partnership agreement

AVTOVAZ and CDEK courier company have developed a joint corporate program 'LADA for CDEK'. Special conditions for the purchase of new LADA cars were agreed for CDEK and its franchisees, as well as special programs for financial and operational leasing.

Any CDEK partner company can contact official LADA dealer and purchase a car with a special discount or take advantage of the favorable leasing programs of LADA Leasing.

The goal of the program is to offer existing CDEK partners favorable conditions that will make business management even more effective, and the entry into the network for new franchisees as convenient as possible.

CDEK is one of the five leaders in the express delivery market. CDEK provides people and companies with a range of services for timely and guaranteed delivery, constantly improving the level of service. The SDEC franchise is among the TOP-3 most successful franchises according to the Forbes Russian edition magazine in 2020. At the moment, the number of branches, including franchisees, is more than 2,200 points in Russia and abroad.