LADA: more than 1000 new vans for the Post of Russia

LADA has started shipping of a large batch of LADA Largus for the the Post of Russia. More than 1000 cars (vans and five-seat station wagons) were painted in a special color and equipped with additional equipment according to the customer`s specification.

LADA Largus for the Post of Russia is being additionally developed on a special section of accessories on the territory of AVTOVAZ JSC. Cars of azure-blue color are equipped with stickers with the symbols of the post office, white-moon beacons and sirens. LADA Largus is also equipped with an alarm system with feedback and autorun, optional set of winter tires, driver`s kit in a branded LADA bag, etc.

Post-office cars are made on the basis of cars in the Classic configuration with the Audio package. The equipment includes air conditioning, driver`s airbag, ERA-GLONASS system, a high-strength plastic carpet in the cargo compartment, and an audio system. Cars will be delivered to various regions of the country.

Noted, that LADA Largus is the most popular commercial LADA vehicle: in 2019 were sold 9,619 units of such cars in the Russian Federation.