The new XRAY Cross Instinct will get the Yandex.Auto

LADA launches production of the new special series - LADA XRAY Cross Instinct, equipped with the Yandex.Auto multimedia system. The new car series become the flagship model of the Xray Cross line.

Distinctive features of exterior of the special series are contrasting details that emphasize the bright character of the model: black roof, black mirrors and black original wheels. The interior will be decorated with the special seat upholstery, black door handles with a gloss effect, and a badge with the name of the series.

XRAY Cross Instinct will be the first LADA car with the Yandex.Auto multimedia system. The model will be equipped with an enlarged 8” touch screen located at the top of the dashboard, as well as a rear view camera.

Yandex.Auto allows to connect a car to the Internet and combines popular Yandex services adapted specially for drivers. Using services on the big screen is easier and safer, with Alice voice assistant possible to manage all functions without being distracted from the road.

The Yandex.Auto in the Xray Cross Instinct includes:

• Yandex.Navigator - navigation app that shows traffic jams in real time, helps to find parking space, and alerts you about cameras and repairs along the route.

• Yandex.Music - service for listening to music, podcasts, fairytales, lectures with personal recommendations.

• Yandex.Refueling - contactless fuel payment service that allows you to pay for refueling without leaving the car. Around 4000 gasoline stations across the country are already connected to it.

• Yandex.Browser - an application that helps you quickly find the necessary information on the Internet and watch videos.

Yandex.Auto makes the car more personalized — it knows the driver`s favorite addresses, favorite routes and music. Navigator starts when the on-board computer is turned on and on the screen.always displays a navigation widget to avoid missing the desired turn, another noticeable widget indicates speeding.