The management and governors of the Volga Federal district visited AVTOVAZ

An official delegation within the Council under Russia’s Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal district Igor Komarov made a working visit to AVTOVAZ.

Guests, among which were governors of almost all regions of the VFD, visited the production site and had the opportunity to test modern LADA lineup. Both long-term prospects of AVTOVAZ development and short-term plans, in general, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first LADA car production have been discussed during the visit.

Lineup of special LADA cars was separately showcased to the heads of VFD regions.

Welcoming guests, President of JSC AVTOVAZ Yves Caracatzanis said: “About a fourth of our sales in 2019 accounted for corporate sales. Our range of commercial and special models perfectly complies with requirements of federal and regional programs aimed at increasing the availability of medical care, social protection of disabled people, as well as providing the police and other special services with affordable, but safe, comfortable and reliable vehicles”.

The main volume of special vehicles was represented by different modification of the LADA Largus (which is currently the LADA bestseller on the Russian market in the LCV segment). LADA Largus CNG running on methane and enabling decrease fuel cost threefold is already known to the market. Other represented models are less common, but they are already used in many corners of Russia and the near abroad.

The car for medical services based on the series body is equipped with a place for a bed-bound patient and two seats for medical staff. According to a similar scheme, medical vehicles both based on LADA Largus and LADA 4x4 are produced.

The ambulance of A-class based on the LADA Largus is distinguished by an increased rear overhang and the height of the cabin. There is a place for bed-bound patient and three seats for medical staff, also the cabin features niches to place equipment, power supply sockets, additional ventilation and heating system.

LADA Largus to transfer disabled people are equipped with the cabin of increased length and height. The rear body end features folding ramp the passenger on wheelchair to get into the car. The swivel chair is provided for the second passenger in the front part of the cabin, and the wheelchair can be carried folded behind the second row of seats. This LADA Largus modification is produced in the version to carry adult passengers and in the version to carry children – for this purpose the car is painted yellow and equipped with orange warning lights.

LADA Largus for the canine service is distinguished by both special paint and equipment of the trunk – there are two compartments to transport animals. A separate climate system is provided for their comfort. This car is also relevant for the veterinary service.

It is noteworthy that the original maximum mass index is kept for all special LADA Largus vehicles. This enables to use the factory chassis, the car can be driven with driving license of “B” category, and in addition, a ban to enter areas closed to cargo transport are not applied to them.

In addition to cars based on LADA Largus, the delegation was shown two semi-frame pickup trucks based on LADA Granta and LADA 4x4. The use of a rear spring suspension can significantly increase the load capacity of the vehicles.