LADA 4х4: new comfort level of classic SUV

LADA launches production of the modernized LADA 4x4 SUV: the car received a modernized interior and became more comfortable and safer.

A new climate system control module appeared on the fully updated dashboard. Three controls and electronic heater shutter, as well as new air ducts increase system performance and operation comfort. In addition, the glove box has become more voluminous, two 12V sockets were placed on the console, and the instrument cluster received white lighting of the speed meter, tachometer and on-Board computer expanded with new functions. Floor tunnel has got new cup holders and a niche for small things. Style changes of the dashboard are implemented in harmony with the classic design of the car, thanks to which it is recognizable all around the world.

New, more comfortable seats have got developed lateral support. Front seats for three-door cars received a more reliable folding mechanism and 2 headrests in the back row of seats, what has positively affected the safety level.

The headliner, which has got a more efficient interior lighting with ERA-GLONASS module, create more positive interior impression. The emergency response system works in conjunction with a driver’s side airbag. The car has also got new overhead handles, sun visors, as well as A-pillar trims.

The vibro-acoustic comfort was improved on the LADA 4x4. The car has got new PWT mounting brackets reducing vibration level, as well as more efficient body panels insulation.

The interior of all LADA 4x4 cars was modernized. LADA Ubran has got in addition fog lamps integrated in front bumper.

To remind: LADA 4x4 is today the most affordable SUV in the Russian market and one of world famous cars. The combination of compactness, price, off-road ability and such options as air conditioning and seat heating makes LADA 4x4 the universal and multipurpose car. New safety and comfort systems will help to extend the range of the LADA 4x4 customers and to discover new qualities of the legendary car those ones who familiar with the car.

The date of sales start, the composition of trim levels and prices will be published later on.