LADA XRAY Cross with new automatic transmission

LADA, demonstrating attention to the needs of potential customers and striving to provide maximum pleasure from driving, started producing LADA XRAY Cross with a new continuously variable type of automatic transmission.

Continuously variable transmission is specially designed for cars and crossovers of small class, and its settings were fine-tuned given operation features in Russia. Similar transmissions of the Jatco company have already proved the reliability and have been applied in a number of models of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance already for some years.

The main feature of the unit is the additional use of two-step geared sector in the design. This solution allowed to make the transmission more compact and by 13% lighter. This solution increases traction performance, and moreover the transmission does not afraid of low temperatures, slipping and heavy loads, and, in addition, provides high fuel efficiency. If necessary, this type of transmission makes it possible to imitate manual gearshift mode, which facilitates overtaking, uphill movement, towing the trailer, engine braking, and also increases the acoustic comfort in the car.

The new transmission on the LADA XRAY Cross is installed with the Alliance HR-16 1.6 l engine, which is produced in Togliatti. It should be noted that the curb weight of the car and the record ground clearance (215 mm) have not changed. LADA XRAY Cross with continuously variable transmission passed a full cycle of tests, the total mileage of which was about a million kilometers.

All the details about the sales date, prices and trim levels of LADA XRAY Cross with automatic transmission will be announced later.