LADA – in search of new name

From 15 to 29 April LADA offers its website visitors and social media subscribers to take part in creation of new names for its future cars. Having followed the link, everybody will be enabled to propose names for LADA cars of different families, as well as to share their associations. Modern LADA models are given as an example, which help to generate associations, not limiting the choice of names.

The participation of people in names creation for LADA novelties is a part of Brand’s history. The name of the modern LADA bestseller, the Granta, was chosen from 60 K variants, proposed by Russian car enthusiasts. Public survey is not only about names, but also aspects of cars. LADA made internet survey before Cross lineup production, which showed that the potential buyers are positive about cars with colored interior design. More than 14 K feedbacks were received on the first day!

Marketing Director of PJSC “AVTOVAZ” Fabien Goulmy said: “The attraction of a wide range of participants in the process of name creation for future LADA will allow to check the ideas we already have, generate new thoughts, and, of course, bring together Russian car enthusiasts and the LADA brand”.