LADA – new conditions to purchase XRAY Cross and Vesta SW

LADA offers exclusive condition to purchase LADA XRAY Cross and LADA Vesta SW till December, 31, 2018. Customers, purchasing cars under credit program LADA FINANCE, become a benefit for 50 K rubles for LADA XRAY Cross and 40 K rubles for LADA Vesta SW.

It is to recap that LADA FINANCE program provides special interest rates on credit. Flexible conditions, allowing to choose affordable initial contribution and optimal loan term, are also provided. LADA FINANCE is in high demand among LADA customers, about 35% of cars are purchased under this program. 94 K LADA cars were sold in credit for 10 months of 2018 that is by 10% more vs the same period of last year.

Currently, all models of the Brand are available to purchase under LADA FINANCE program. Herewith special conditions are kept till late year for some cars. So a benefit for 20 K rubles is offered when purchasing models of the LADA Granta family, and when purchasing the LADA Vesta sedan – 40 K rubles.

In addition to special offers under the LADA FINANCE program, the following campaigns continue to operate for LADA customers in December:

- preferential leasing to purchase the LADA Largus (benefit up to 50 K rubles);

- preferential program Trade-In to purchase the LADA Granta (benefit of 20 K rubles);

- Buy Back program (guarantee of buyback) for LADA Granta, LADA XRAY, LADA Vesta;

- winter offer to buy LADA 4x4 (benefit from 30 to 50 K rubles);

- Ecogas program to purchase the LADA Vesta CNG (benefit for 115 K rubles+40 K rubles under the LADA FINANCE program).