LADA 4x4 – new traits to the classic style

The production of LADA 4x4 of 2019 has been launched: cars got some stylistic changes emphasizing the courageous appearance of the SUV.

All LADA 4x4 feature a new instrument cluster, which design is based on the contrast of the black and orange colors.

5-door LADA 4x4 got a new trim level Black Edition (598 900 rubles). This variant is maximum equipped and features air conditioning, power and heated exterior mirrors, as well as improved vibration insulation (additional damping pads are glued on the front panel, exterior door panels, on the floor and sidewalls). The car body in the Black Edition version is painted black enamel “Panther”, alloy wheels are black too. The same 16-inch alloy wheels are being installed in the LADA 4x4 in Camouflage variant (from 551 900 rubles).

Stylish wheels are one of the most important design components. LADA 4x4 Urban offers two-color wheels Grizzly, where the black background is combined with a silver polished surface of the spokes. The price of the LADA 4x4 Urban starts from 566 900 rubles.

With the aim of comfort increasing the LADA 4x4 cars in the Luxe trim level got power and heated exterior mirrors – previously this option was available only in LADA 4x4 Urban. Also silver alloy wheels of the updated design appeared in the Luxe configuration. LADA 4x4 in the Luxe version is available from 522 900 rubles.

It is to recap that the LADA 4x4 is available in 5 basic versions: 3-and 5-door, 3-and 5-door Urban, as well as a special variant with high off-road capability – LADA 4x4 Bronto. LADA 4x4 remains one of the most popular SUVs in Russia: by results of 7 months of 2018, the model occupies the 5th position in the SUV segment.