LADA – sales growth by 18,1%

It was sold 227 956 LADA PC and LCV in 8 months of 2018 that is by 18.1% more vs the result of last year. It was sold 28 683 LADA cars in August, 2018 (+9.4% to August of last year).

The LADA Vesta family remained the most popular model of the Brand by result of last month: 8510 cars were sold that is by 27.1% more vs August, 2017.

LADA Granta keeps its leading position conceding a little to the LADA Vesta family. It was sold 6 695 cars in August, 2018. Currently the sales of the new LADA Granta family started in 300 dealerships in 160 cities of Russia.

LADA Largus occupies the leading position in terms of growth rate: it was sold 3 719 passenger station wagons in August, 2018 (+45,6% to August, 2017) and 759 Largus vans (+39,8% to August, 2017).