LADA: favourable offers of June

    LADA extends popular campaigns allowing to purchase cars on the most favorable terms.

    June, 1-30, a benefit of 40 K rubles is provided for LADA cars’ purchase with VCO of 2018 under Trade-In program. LADA Granta (369 900 rubles taking into account the favourable offer), LADA Kalina (from 420 600 rubles), LADA Largus (from 514 900 rubles), and LADA XRAY (589 900 rubles) models are available within the campaign. The Trade-In program is the most convenient, fast and profitable way to change the second-hand car for a new LADA.

    June, 1-30, there is a special offer for buyers of 3-door SUVs of the LADA 4x4 family - the benefit of 30 K rubles. The campaign is valid by purchase of the LADA 4x4 in classic trim level (from 469 900 rubles taking into account the favourable offer), in Urban trim level (from 526 800 rubles), as well as in the modification with high off-road capability LADA 4x4 Bronto (from 672 900 rubles).

    Constant schemes of favourable LADA purchase continue to operate along with the seasonal campaigns. At the same time, the car loan program LADA Finance is gaining popularity: in April 2018, LADA sales on credit amounted to 48%, while their share was 35% in April of last year. Flexible terms of the LADA Finance program provide the affordable initial payment, the best possible loan terms as well as the interest rates of banks-partners lower than their base offers.

    LADA Finance is available for the entire LADA model range. For example, the monthly payment will be 3 000 rubles or 100 rubles per day (credit for 36 months) by the LADA Granta sedan buying (trim level standard, from 369 900 rubles taking into account the special June benefit under LADA Finance in the amount of 40 000 rubles), with an initial payment of 51.64%,. The monthly payment will be 5 040 K rubles or 168 rubles per day (credit for 36 months) by LADA Vesta purchase (trim level Classic, from 584 900 rubles) with an initial payment of 49.9%.

    June, 1- 30, the Buy back scheme continues to operate for customers. The buyer may either to make the last payment and keep the car, or to get a loan in bank for the remaining part of the debt, or to give the car to the dealer at a price of up to 50% of its initial cost, and to buy a new LADA when it remains 40% of the car price. This scheme is most convenient for those customers, who prefer to frequently change their car and buy new one in the car market: according to the statistics, the average period of new car ownership in Russia is 4 years.

    LADA is an active participant of the state program EcoGas stimulating the production of cars on natural gas. 115 K rubles of the car price is being subsidized by bi-fuel LADA Vesta CNG purchase. Thus, the price of LADA Vesta CNG begins from 664 900 rubles (trim level Classic + Start package). It is to recall that fuel costs are reduced by three times by CNG using.

    LADA has prepared a special offer for corporate clients – this is own program LADA Leasing. Corporate leasing provides the most favorable lending terms for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, and the processing system of offers on the website lada.ru allows quickly to get approval from the leasing company.