LADA returns to the market of Chile

    The new LADA motor show started its work in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Journalists, opinion leaders and Russian Ambassador to Chile Vladimir Trukhanovsky have attended the opening of the showroom.

    Importer Cono Sur Automotive Distributor working with the brands of the Renault-Nissan Alliance provides a full range of services for LADA cars’ sales, maintenance and spare parts provision. The Chilean partner LADA tells about LADA models and its news on its Facebook page

    LADA resumed sales in Chile after a 20-year break. Today there are in the model range cars as already known to customers so creating a new impression of the Brand. This is a 3-door LADA 4x4, well-known to motorists in the South America, as well as LADA Kalina Cross, LADA Granta sedan and LADA Largus van. The model range is made so that customers may get the most optimal combination of functionality, practicality, affordable price and adaptedness to difficult road conditions. It is to sell up to 400 LADA cars in chile in 2018.

    The LADA presence resumption in Chile occurs during the period of the local market growth: the car sales volume grew here by 17.9% in 2017 vs 2016. LADA importer in Chile plans to open 3 more LADA motor shows in 2018.

    It is to recap that the export development is one of LADA priorities. From January to April, 2018, LADA retail sales in foreign markets (in 30 countries) rose by 74%. New LADA dealerships have been opened in Tunisia, Belarus and Jordan over the last half-year.