LADA Vesta LADA Vesta SW and SW Cross enter the European market

LADA Vesta SW and LADA Vesta SW Cross come in the European market. Germany, Austria and Hungary were the first countries got these cars. Cars to appear in Slovakia, Serbia and Bulgaria by late April.

Cars in Comfort and Luxe trim levels with 1.6 l engine, with MT or AT are available in countries of Europe.

Both new models have been certified on compliance with the EU safety and environmental requirements. In particular, the cars comply with the environmental standards of Euro-6.

It is to recap that LADA Vesta SW and LADA Vesta SW Cross were warmly welcomed by journalists and the general public at auto exhibitions in Europe even before the sales start: Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade, Vienna and Essen.

Earlier, LADA Vesta sedan entered the European market. The Austrian society OAMTC Austria (analogue of the German ADAC) named the LADA Vesta sedan “the car of the year in Austria” in the category “Compact car of B-class” in 2017. The experts assessed cars according to two main criteria – safety and economic efficiency.