LADA Leasing - own financing program for corporate clients

    LADA announces the launch of its own financial leasing program for corporate clients - LADA Leasing. A new program will increase the car purchase’s convenience under the most favorable terms of lending for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

    Clients willing to use the LADA Leasing terms may choose a car and submit an application for its purchase on the website www.lada.ru under the head LADA Leasing. The car is purchased by the leasing company and transferred to the client for use after approval obtaining of the financing possibility. The client pays the difference between the purchase price of the car and the residual value at the end of the lease agreement by periodic payments. At the end of the contract the customer has the opportunity to purchase the car at the residual value stated in the contract.

    The popularity of car purchase in leasing has shown a significant growth over three last year: in 2015, it was sold 7 900 LADA, and in 2017, already 14 000. Implementation of own program LADA Leasing will allow to improve the usability and relevance of this sales’ scheme.

    All LADA lineup is available under LADA Leasing program, the program is being implemented with the participation of leasing partner companies: JSC VTB Leasing, JSC VEB-leasing, JSC Sberbank Leasing, and JSC LK Europlan. It is to recap that the advantages of car purchase in leasing are the circulating funds’ preservation, optimization of the tax basis for the calculation of income tax, as well as VAT refund. It is also possible to use the mechanism of accelerated depreciation; thereby the property tax is being reduced.