LADA Vesta Cross sedan – created to be unique

LADA expands the model range of one of the most popular cars in the Russian market and presents the sedan Lada Vesta Cross - the first car in its segment combining unusual design and classic body style with the latest market trends and additional crossover functionality.

LADA Vesta Cross sedan is a worthy embodiment of the concept car Vesta Cross, presented at the MIMS in 2016, that almost completely repeats it. The car, being an integral part of the LADA Vesta family, embodies the philosophy of X-shaped design - Brand’s DNA. The sedan was designed to meet the needs of Russian drivers requiring the combination of the sedan and capabilities of off-road vehicle.

According to the Executive Vice President for marketing and sales Jan Ptacek, LADA Vesta Cross will be a unique offer in the market that will take a free niche and establish a new segment.

''The sedan Vesta Cross is another bright example of LADA`s constant attention to the potential customers’ needs, the ability to create new extraordinary car models giving its owners confidence in all circumstances thanks to advanced functionality, beautifully packaged in a powerful and embossed silhouette''.

LADA Vesta Cross-design at the functionality service

LADA Vesta Cross has all the advantages of LADA Vesta SW Cross, embodied in the favorite sedan body. It inherited the energetic and strong character of the novelty of 2017.

Design of the front and rear bumpers, black wheel arch extensions, mouldings - all this moved to production car from the concept car Vesta Cross. Moreover, it is possible to use the same parts installed in Vesta SW Cross due to the common family of LADA Vesta sedan and LADA Vesta SW. The same may be said about the 17-inch wheels, a stylish combination of diamond cut and two-tone surface of which indicates the extraordinary car character.

Design solutions that have approved themselves in LADA Vesta SW Cross were used in the sedan. These are energy-intensive suspension, high off-road capability and acute drivability. High ground clearance of 203 mm increases the practicality and off-road capacity of the sedan that is especially important under conditions of Russian climate and on roads.

The interior continuity

LADA Vesta Cross sedan may boast of a special interior atmosphere that enhances the impression of its belonging to off-road vehicles.

The improved interior has reached a new comfort level. Finishing materials coincide with used in LADA Vesta SW Cross. They carry a special pattern of ''X-graphics'', combined with eco-leather. Orange or grey finishing elements are seen throughout the interior and they combine with door and dashboard panels. The armrest box is placed between the front seats. It provides additional space for small things.

A unique color code and special lighting, inherent to the interiors of the model range Cross are used in the redesigned dashboard.

The sedan LADA Vesta Cross will be the fourth model in the LADA Vesta family. Common body elements (front and rear bumpers, rear lights), wheelbase ensured the models’ continuity. This strategic direction in the design provided LADA with a unique opportunity to expand the Vesta range with minimal investment, optimized development time and car creation.

Models of Vesta lineup are the most popular LADA models in the Russian car market. They are appreciated for bright style, comfortable and spacious interior, high quality and wide choice of options. The date of the production start of the novelty as well as the sales start, prices and trim levels will be announced later.

Additional photo of interior & exterior : here